I decided to move the camera to a different tree as it seemed to be triggered by the sun at certain points (see first picture). I'll have to wait and see if it was a wise decision.

I found a bunch of pictures like these; no animals and a massive amount of flares. Probably the sun that triggers the sensor.


2013-06-08, 02:49:08 - A mountain hare.


2013-06-08, 02:49:22 - A mountain hare.


2013-06-08, 22:34:11 - Hard to see, but it might be the same pine marten as on the next two pictures, which were taken a week later.


2013-06-15, 03:22:13 - A pine marten.


2013-06-15, 03:22:14 - A pine marten.


2013-06-16, 06:13:29 - Some condensed water on the UV-filter, a flash and a bird at a really close distance makes for a nice picture!


2013-06-20, 13:45:50 - It's hard to see, but there are two birds in this picture. I'm not sure wether the birds triggered the camera or they just happened to be there when the sun triggered it.


2013-06-20, 17:59:59 - I triggered the camera while standing outside its field of view, giving a nice picture of some of the most annoying creatures billions of years of evolution has brought forth, mosquitoes!