Stereo photography


Stereo photography can be done by making two pictures with the camera about 65 mm horizontally shifted between the indiviual photos (65 mm since that is approximately the distance between our eyes). By combing these two shots you can create stereo photos like the ones below.

However, in the case of the macro photos below, a single focus stack was used to create synthetic stereo photos. Zerene Stacker does this by moving each picture of the focus stack a very small amount before stitching them together.

The trick is to look cross-eyed at the stereo photos so that you more or less see three images, where there is a third one in the middle with an overlap. Keep your eyes at this position where you see a third picture in the middle. After a while your eyes will have adjusted focus and you'll be able to see the stereo photo with depth in it. It takes a while to get the hang of this technique, but, once you have succeeded, it is really interesting to look at stereo photos.

A spider. (2016-04-09)


A spider. (2016-04-09)


A boulder field. (2017-08-28)


A forest. (2017-09-13)


A very large pine tree. (2017-09-13)


A forest trail. (2017-09-13)


A forest. (2017-09-15)


A forest. (2017-09-15)


A forest. (2017-09-15)


A forest trail. (2017-09-17)


A forest. (2017-09-17)


A forest. (2017-09-26)


A forest. (2017-09-28)


An old pine tree. (2017-10-14)


Winter. (2018-01-20)


Bird tracks in the snow. (2018-01-20)


A dead and slightly damaged weevil. (2018-04-21)