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A jumping spider (Aelurillus v-insignitus), May 2022.


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2022-10-01: Added some stereo photos here.

2022-09-05: Started uploading some of this summer's macro photos to the galleries.

2021-07-09: Reorganized the experimental part a bit and added a part about my insect trap.

2022-07-04: Added camera trap photos.

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2022-05-28: Added some camera trap photos.

2022-04-11: Added new stereo photos here, here and here.

2022-03-27: Added some camera trap photos.

2022-03-07: Added a new page with rocks photographed in ultraviolet light.

2022-02-19: Added new photos to the galleries, both new and old ones.

2022-01-18: Added five new solargraphs.