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Airglow is similar to the Aurora, but it has a different cause. The Aurora is caused by energetic particles from the sun exciting atoms and molecules in the atmosphere, after which the excited particles return to their ground state, which produces light. Airglow is caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun breaking down molecules in the atmosphere during the day, and, at night, the products recombine again, emitting light as they do so, which we see as airglow. The banded pattern with different colors of airglow which is visible in some of these pictures is caused by gravity waves.

[ normal || animated ] ⇛ The airglow can be seen as horizontal bands of red and greenish, and the white diagonal band is the Milky Way. In the animated version it is clear that the bands are moving in time. The three frames were taken with approximately 20 seconds between them. (2013-09-09)


The airglow can be seen as the mostly greenish glow in the lower part. (2013-09-11)


The airglow can be seen as vertical bands of red and greenish. (2013-10-12)


The airglow can be seen as horizontal bands of red and green. (2013-10-13)


The airglow can this time be seen as more irregular patches of green and red. (2013-11-08)


The airglow can be seen as the green glow. (2016-08-27)