The aurora is caused by charged particles from the sun colliding with molecules and atoms in our atmosphere. The more particles that are expelled by the sun, the more intense the aurora will be. The auroras are concentrated on circles around the magnetic poles, which roughly coincide with the polar circles. This means that the further away from these circles the observer is, the lower on the horizon the aurora will be seen.

My first time ever seeing the Aurora! Seen from my bedroom. (2011-03-12)
















A very weird display of aurora. The sky was covered by a layer of clouds, but the aurora was so strong that it would shine a very eerie light through the clouds. In fact, at the moment of taking this picture the aurora was so strong, I could walk around in the greenish landscape without a headlamp, despite the fact that there was no moon in the sky at that point. (2015-09-08)


A rare opening in the clouds that same night. (2015-09-08)