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    Cloud & contrail shadows    


Contrails are the lines of water or ice that airplanes produce. If there are clouds under these contrails, then the contrails can cast their shadow on these clouds, giving dark bands across them. In the same way, clouds can also cast their shadows on other clouds.

A contrail shadow. (2013-06-06)


A contrail shadow. (2014-08-31)


The shadow can be seen as a dark band around the cloud. Also, a bit of iridescence can be seen in the smaller cloud above it. (2015-04-03)


Three contrail shadows can be seen in this photo. A big one in the middle, one to the left, and one far in the distance to the right. (2015-08-19)


Apart from a 22 degree halo, hints of a contrail shadow can be seen directly next to the contrail itself. (2015-08-19)


A cloud casting its shadow on neigbouring clouds. Apart from that, an iridescent cloud can be seen to the right, and to the left there is a sun dog. (2015-08-23)


A cloud casting its shadow on neigbouring clouds. (2016-06-24)


Some peculiar cloud shadows. (2017-03-13)


Some peculiar cloud shadows. (2017-03-13)


A contrail shadow as seen from an airplane, together with a glory. (2017-04-10)


The picture is a bit blurry, but a double contrail shadow can be seen here. (2018-03-18)


Cloud shadows. (2018-09-01)